SEAFDEC through the Deputy Secretary-General congratulates AQD @ 45

Deputy Secretary-General Akito Sato delivering the Special Message on the 45th Anniversary of AQD

In his Special Message delivered during the Anniversary Program and Dinner on 13 July 2018, SEAFDEC Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Akito Sato congratulated AQD on its 45th Anniversary and expressed his commendations for tapping a representative from the private sector to give the Keynote Speech considering that SEAFDEC is now enhancing its relationship with the private sector as the engine for growth. While the public sector develops the technologies, the private sector picks up and implements these technologies making sure that these are relevant to the current situation. In return, the public sector should make sure to get feedbacks from the private sector on the performance of such technologies for improvement, Mr. Sato stressed.

Mr. Sato also indicated that in numerology, the number 45 means results-focused with reliability in creating a foundation for the future, and that is what AQD is all about at 45, making its 45th Anniversary celebration very significant. He added that for the past 45 years, AQD focused its activities in making life better for the people in our region. After congratulating AQD, on behalf of the SEAFDEC family, for its 45 years of continuously generating better aquaculture technologies for the benefit of humankind, he expressed the hope that AQD will go a long way in its endeavors and looked forward to celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of AQD which is only five years from now.