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Dr. Kom Silapajarn   Secretary-General   e-mail:
Mr. Akito Sato   Deputy Secretary-General, and Japanese Trust Fund Program Manager   e-mail:
Mr. Masanami Izumi   Special Advisor   e-mail:
Dr. Worawit Wanchana   Policy and Program Coordinator a.i.   e-mail:
Ms. Nualanong Tongdee   Information Program Coordinator   e-mail:
Mr. Isao Koya   Assistant Project Manager for the Japanese Trust Fund Programs   e-mail:
Ms. Pattaratjit Kaewnuratchadasorn   Senior Policy Officer   e-mail:
Ms. Sawitree Chamsai   Policy Officer   e-mail:
Ms. Suwanee Sayan   Program Officer   e-mail:
Mr. Witsarut Choseng   Program Officer   e-mail:
Ms. Saivason Klinsukhon   Senior Information Officer   e-mail:
Mrs. Virgilia T. Sulit   Technical Writer/Editor   e-mail:
Mrs. Shiela Villamor Chumchuen   Technical Writer/Editor   e-mail:
Mr. Satana Duangsawasdi   Information Officer II   e-mail:
Ms. Sunutta Pudtal   Information Officer III   e-mail:
Ms. Matinee Boonyintu   Senior Administrative Officer   e-mail:
Ms. Thitapa Karnjanakesorn   Administrative Officer I and Secretary to Secretary-General   e-mail:
Mr. Julasak Markawat   General Service Officer I   e-mail:
Ms. Saowanee Wanothayarnchai   Secretary to the Japanese Trust Fund Project   e-mail:
Ms. Yuka Hatori   Secretary to Deputy Secretary-General   e-mail:
Ms. Sopit Chuang-aroon   Project Administrative Assistant   e-mail:
Dr. Somchai Bussarawit   Andaman Sub-regional ​Coordinator   e-Mail:
Ms. Saisunee Chaksuin   Gulf of Thailand Sub-regional Coordinator   e-Mail:
Ms. Pontip Vidyavrapat   Gender and Social Development Officer   e-Mail:
Ms. Orawan Yafa   Information and Communication Officer   e-Mail:
Ms. Ployvinee Khamwong   Project Officer   e-mail:
Ms. Piyaratt Sittiyos   Project Officer   e-mail:
Mr. Thuch Panha   RFPN for Cambodia   e-mail:
Mr. IBM Suastika Jaya   RFPN for Indonesia   e-mail:
Ms. Vanny Sengkapkeo   RFPN for Lao PDR   e-mail:
To be nominated   RFPN for Malaysia   e-mail:
Ms. Nant Kay Thwe Moe   RFPN for Myanmar   e-mail:
Ms. Bernadette B. Soliven   RFPN for Philippines   e-mail:
Ms. Thumawadee Jaiyen   RFPN for Thailand   e-mail:
To be nominated   RFPN for Viet Nam   e-mail:
Dr. Kom Silapajarn   Chief   e-mail:
Mr. Akito Sato   Deputy Chief   e-mail:
Ms. Panitnard Weerawat   Training and Extension Section Head and Special Department Coordinator for TD   e-mail:
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Ms. Khoo Gek Hoon   Chief   e-mail:
Mr. Dan D. Baliao   Chief   e-mail:
Dr. Koh-ichiro Mori   Deputy Chief   e-mail:
Ms. Joesyl Marie V. dela Cruz   Senior Information Specialist and Special Department Coordinator for AQD   e-mail:
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Mr. Raja Bidin Raja Hassan   Chief   e-mail:
Dr. Kenji Taki   Deputy Chief   e-mail:
Mr. Abdul Razak Latun   Marine Biology and Stock Assessment Section Head and Special Department Coordinator for MFRDMD   e-mail:
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Dr. Arif Wibowo   Chief   e-mail:
Dr. Takuro Shibuno   Deputy Chief   e-mail:
Mr. Siswanta Kaban   Special Department Coordinator for IFRDMD   e-mail:
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