SEAFDEC participates in the Workshop on Gender Concepts, Tools, and Advocacy in Sustainable Fisheries Management

The SEAFDEC Gender Focal Person (SGFP) from SEAFDEC Secretariat participated in the Workshop on Gender Concepts, Tools and Advocacy in Sustainable Fisheries Management organized by the USAID Oceans on 6-9 August 2019 in Manado, Indonesia. The Workshop was attended mainly by representatives from several agencies and organizations in Indonesia including the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), Marine and Fisheries Office, local government, local stakeholders, academic and research institutions, private sectors, and Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs Fisheries and Food Security. The aim of the Workshop was to enhance the understanding of basic concepts on gender sensitivity and responsiveness in fisheries and develop gender action plans which include gender-sensitive indicators. During the Workshop, the SGFP from SEAFDEC Secretariat presented the “Regional Experiences in Gender Integration in Fisheries” which include the review of progress in the application of gender perspectives, e.g. capacity building programs, research programs, tools, SEAFDEC Gender Strategy, and information materials related to gender.