SEAFDEC participates in the Eleventh FIRMS and the Twenty-sixth CWP Meetings

Hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the 11th Meeting of Fisheries and Resources Monitoring Systems (FIRMS) was convened on 13-14 May 2019 in Rome, Italy. Two representatives from SEAFDEC , Ms. Saivason Klinsukhon from the Secretariat, and Mr. Isara Chanrachkij from the Training Department, as well as representatives from the 14 partners of FAO attended the Meeting. The aim of the Meeting was to update the progress of activities of FAO partners in improving the quality of data and information on the global monitoring and management of fisheries and marine resources. During the Meeting, SEAFDEC presented the activities related to data collection and stock assessment carried out during 2017-2019, which include training courses related to data collection and activities under the framework of the RPOA-Neritic Tunas, especially the study on stock assessment.

Back-to-back with the 11th FIRMS was the 26th Meeting of Coordinating Working Party (CWP) on Fishery Statistics Meeting convened from 15 to 18 May 2019 to serve as the forum for agreeing on the common definitions, classifications, and standards for the collection of fishery statistics. During the Meeting, the deliberation was done for the revision of several international standard statistical classifications, e.g. the International Standard Statistical Classification of Fishing Vessels (ISSCFV), the final proposal of the International Standard Statistical Classification of Aquatic Animals and Plants (ISSCAAP), and the updated International Aquaculture Farming Systems Classification. In line with such revisions, the CWP Handbook was revised by updating the statistical concepts and eliminating unnecessary information. This matter would be brought for consideration and accommodated in the revision of the Regional Framework for Fishery Statistics of Southeast Asia.