SEAFDEC organized the Second Consultation on Fisheries and Statistics in Southeast Asia

SEAFDEC Secretariat organized the “Second Regional Technical Consultation on Fishery Statistics and Information in Southeast Asia” on 23–26 August 2022 in Pattaya, Thailand (on-site and online). The Consultation was attended by representatives from all ASEAN Member States (AMSs), a representative from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and officers of the SEAFDEC Secretariat and Departments. This Consultation is the second of a series of Consultations intended to harmonize the “Regional Framework for Fishery Statistics of Southeast Asia” with the recently adopted global standards, definitions, and classifications of fishery statistics.

During the Consultation, the countries made presentations on their respective current fishery statistics. Subsequently, the Consultation discussed and agreed on the revision of the Regional Framework specifically on marine and inland capture fisheries, aquaculture, fishers and fish farmers, producer price, and per capita fish consumption. The Consultation also provided recommendations on future activities toward improving regional fishery statistics in the future e.g. capacity building, improving the fishery statistics database, among others.

In compiling regional fisheries statistics, the Consultation supported the inclusion of new statistics items (e.g. statistics on small-scale and commercial fisheries, fishers and fish farmers disaggregated by nationality and gender, and per capita fish consumption) to recognize and highlight the importance of the contribution of fisheries to food security, small-scale fisheries, and gender inclusion.