Nineteenth Meeting of SEAFDEC Information Staff Program convened

The SEAFDEC Training Department (TD) hosted the Nineteenth Meeting of the SEAFDEC Information Staff Program (19 ISP) which was convened from 9 to 11 October 2018 in Pattaya, Chonburi Province, Thailand. The 19 ISP reviewed and assessed the implementation of the information strategies for enhancing SEAFDEC visibility during the year 2018.

The SEAFDEC Secretary-General and Chief of TD, Dr. Kom Silapajarn welcomed the representatives from the SEASFDEC Secretariat and Departments as proponents of the SEAFDEC Information Staff Program, to the Meeting. He also stressed on the importance of enhancing the visibility of SEAFDEC which is being promoted through the information strategies.

During the meeting, suggestions were made to improve the indicators for monitoring SEAFDEC website tools and social media. Moreover, since the SEAFDEC repositories have been launched during the year 2018, the indicators for monitoring the access to the SEAFDEC repositories have also been concluded.

The meeting also suggested some potential themes for SEAFDEC Calendar 2020. These are: Maintaining Environmental Integrity for Sustainable Fisheries, Gender in Fisheries, Initiatives in Combating IUU Fishing, and Safety Security and Well-being of Fisheries. The abovementioned proposed themes will be submitted for final decision during the forthcoming SEAFDEC Department Chiefs Meeting.

In closing the meeting, the SEAFDEC Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Akito Sato expressed his appreciation to TD for the perfect arrangements of the19 ISP and to AQD for the offer to host the next ISP Meeting in the Philippines. In this regard, the SEAFDEC Secretariat will coordinate with AQD for further details on the arrangements of the 20 ISP.