SEAFDEC convenes 24th ISP Meeting

SEAFDEC organized the Twenty-fourth Meeting of the SEAFDEC Information Staff Program (24 ISP Meeting) on 17–19 October 2023 in Melaka, Malaysia which was hosted by SEAFDEC Marine Fishery Resources Development and Management Department (MFRDMD). The 24 ISP Meeting was attended by the SEAFDEC Secretary General, Dr. Suttinee Limthammahisorn; SEAFDEC Deputy-Secretary General, Dr. Tomoko Nakazato; Chief of SEAFDEC/MFRDMD, Mr. Abd Haris Hilmi Ahmad Arshad; Deputy Chief of SEAFDEC/MFRDMD, Dr. Masahito Hirota; as well as SEAFDEC senior officials and information staff.

The objectives of the 24 ISP Meeting were to 1) review the progress in the implementation of Information Strategies for Enhancing SEAFDEC Visibility and Communication in 2023; 2)  provide a platform for discussion on the preparation and enhancement of ongoing SEAFDEC information tools/activities in 2024; and 3) provide other suggestions for enhancement of information activities and SEAFDEC visibility.

During the 24 ISP Meeting the progress and achievements of the implementation of the Information Strategies for Enhancing SEAFDEC Visibility and Communication in 2023 were reviewed. Furthermore, the 24 ISP Meeting also discussed and provided recommendations on the preparation and enhancement of SEAFDEC information tools/activities in 2024, which include regular information materials, Annual Report 2023, Special Publication “Fish for the People,” SEAFDEC eNews, SEAFDEC Calendar 2025, SEAFDEC websites (Secretariat and Departments), and repositories. Other discussions also include capacity building for SEAFDEC information staff, updating of the SEAFDEC institutional video, and SEAFDEC new year card. The continuation of the partnership between FAO Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstract (ASFA) and SEAFDEC was deliberated specifically the new Terms of Reference (TOR) which is currently under consideration by the SEAFDEC Secretariat and Departments.

The results of the 24 ISP Meeting, particularly those that need policy support from the SEAFDEC organization as a whole would be further submitted to the SEAFDEC Department Chiefs’ Meeting in 2023 for consideration and further directives.