The Nineteenth Meeting of SEAFDEC Information Staff Program

9-11 October 2018, Chonburi, Thailand

Please find the documents below. (click to download)

Documents Name Updated
Information Papers
INF01 Information Note for Participants 2 Oct
INF02 Prospectus 3 Oct
INF03 List of Documents 2 Oct
INF04 List of Participants
Working Papers
WP01 Agenda 3 Oct
WP01a Annotated Agenda 3 Oct
Wp01b Agenda and Timetable 3 Oct
WP02 Implementation of SEAFDEC Information Activities and the Information Strategies for Enhancing SEAFDEC Visibility and Communication in the Year 2018 3 Oct
WP03a SEAFDEC Regular Information Materials in 2019 2 Oct
WP03b SEAFDEC Annual Report 2018 2 Oct
WP03c SEAFDEC Calendar 2020 2 Oct
WP03d SEAFDEC Newsletter 2 Oct
WP03e SEAFDEC Special Publication “Fish for the People” 2 Oct
WP03f SEAFDEC Integrated Homepage 2 Oct
WP04a Progress of Institutional Repositories 2 Oct
WP04b Monitoring Citation of Publication 2 Oct
WP04c Notes for Editing SEAFDEC Documents 2 Oct
Wp04d SEAFDEC Brand Book 2 Oct
Reference Papers
REF01 Information Strategies for Enhancing SEAFDEC Visibility and Communication 2 Oct
REF02 Report of the 18th Information Staff Program Meeting 2 Oct
REF03 Report of the 50th Meeting of SEAFDEC Council 2 Oct
REF04 Report of the Inter-Departmental Information Workshop of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center 2 Oct