Regional workshop on The application of AquaGRIS

6-7 June 2024, Bangkok, Thailand

Please find the documents below.

File Document Name Uploaded
Post Meeting Documents
Report 24 Jun
Feedback on Post Workshop Plans for National Registry Development
Information Papers
INF01 Information Note for Participants 18 Mar
INF04 List of Participants 10 Jun
Working Papers
WP01 Workshop Prospectus 18 Mar
WP01a Provisional Annotated Agenda 18 Mar
Agenda 2 Background and Objectives 5 Jun
Agenda 3 FAO Initiatives 5 Jun
Agenda 4 Application of AquaGRIS 5 Jun
Agenda 5 AqGR Report (Philippines Data) 5 Jun
Questions and Issues 5 Jun
Agenda 6 Hands-on Sessions 30 May
AquaGRIS Credentials 6 Jun
Agenda 7 Inidcators and Reporting on the Status of AqGR 6 Jun
Dissemination Interface
Data Entry
Reference Papers
REF01 The State of the World’s Aquatic Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture 18 Mar
REF02 Global Plan of Action for the Conservation, Sustainable Use, and Development of Aquatic Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture 18 Mar
REF03 Aquatic Genetic Resources Registry Data Collection and Entry (Philippines) 6 Jun
REF04 Aquatic Genetic Resources Registry Terminology Usage Analysis 6 Jun
REF05 Aquatic Genetic Resources Registry Process Indicators 6 Jun