SEAFDEC Secretary-General visits AQD

The Secretary-General of SEAFDEC, Dr. Suttinee Limthammahisorn received a warm welcome at the SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department (AQD) in Iloilo, Philippines, on 26-27 October 2023. In her capacity as the newly appointed SEAFDEC Secretary-General, Dr. Suttinee was briefed by Mr. Dan Baliao, AQD Chief, Dr. Sakaya Ito, AQD Deputy Chief, and researchers. The briefing covered the department’s notable achievements and ongoing research and development programs in various aspects of aquaculture, including biology, broodstock management, hatchery and breeding technology, nutrition, feeding, disease management, and food safety of aquaculture products (milkfish, pompano, sandfish, mangrove crab, tiger shrimp, giant freshwater prawn, eels, tilapia, seaweeds, etc.). Additionally, Dr. Suttinee toured AQD facilities at Tigbauan Main Station, which included FishWorld Museum and Library, Igang Marine Station, and Dumangas Brackishwater Station.

With the mission to provide dynamic and competent leadership in the generation and promotion of responsible science-based technologies to strengthen stakeholder capacities in aquaculture and aquatic resources management, SEAFDEC/AQD recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary on 7 July 2023. Interestingly, the current Secretary-General of SEAFDEC was a participant in one of the training programs conducted by AQD in the 1990s, showcasing the department’s longstanding commitment to capacity building.