SEAFDEC partakes in OECD-ASEAN Workshop on Food Security

The SEAFDEC Program and Policy Coordinator, Dr. Worawit Wanchana, made a presentation during Session 4 (Fisheries) – Sustainable Support to Fisheries of the “OECD-ASEAN Workshop on Food Security: Sharing Evidence and Policy Experiences,” a virtual event jointly organized on 2 February 2023 by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). In his presentation entitled “Regional Cooperation in Sustainable Fisheries Development Towards the ASEAN Economic Community,” Dr. Worawit highlighted the priority issues and challenges in sustaining fisheries and aquaculture in the Southeast Asian region through the regional fisheries collaborative programs of SEAFDEC including fish stock assessment, IUU fishing, commercially exploited aquatic species under international concern, traceability system for fish and fishery products, responsible and sustainable aquaculture, among others.

The objective of the Workshop was to foster a policy dialogue on food security between ASEAN and OECD member countries. It was part of a wider project between OECD and ASEAN that aims to discuss priorities and key challenges related to food security in the Southeast Asian region; encourage cooperation in data collection; continue policy analysis and reporting activities planned for the region; and develop a network that can sustain a long-term policy dialogue between the OECD and ASEAN. The Workshop focused on the best ways to monitor and evaluate trade and domestic policies and markets for agriculture; prospects for agricultural commodity and fish markets at the national, regional, and global levels; how countries can improve border procedures and reduce trade costs; efforts to reform government support to fisheries; and best practices to improve fish stock health and fisheries management.