SEAFDEC joins training courses to enhance organizational capacity

During the first quarter of 2022, fifteen SEAFDEC officers who are responsible for the program implementation, finance, and human resources attended several international training courses, namely: 1) Online Training on Strategic Human Resources Management and Business Leadership on 10–19 January; 2) USAID Procurement: Grants and Cooperative Agreements on 26 January–1 March; 3) USAID Subaward Management on 9 February–16 March; and 4) USAID Rules & Regulations: Grants & Cooperative Agreements on14–18 February). The Training Courses were intended to enhance capacity of SEAFDEC Secretariat and Training particularly on administrative, financial, and human resources aspects as compliance to receive funding support from the USAID as a Public International Organization (PIO) as well as from other potential donors and partners in the future.

The capacity development activities were part of the USAID Sustainable Fish Asia Local Capacity Development-Capacity Strengthening Initiative (SUFIA LCD/CSI) Subaward Activity (2021–2022) supported by USAID through the RTI International.

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