SEAFDEC joins the 12AFCF and 28ASWGFi via virtual meetings

SEAFDEC, led by the SEAFDEC Secretary-General Ms. Malinee Smithrithee, joined the 12th Meeting of ASEAN Fisheries Consultative Forum (12AFCF) and the 28th Meeting of ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Fisheries (28ASWGFi).Chaired by Brunei Darussalam,  the Meetings were organized via video conference  on 23 and 24 June 2020, respectively. The aim of the 12AFCF  was to update the progress of the implementation of activities undertaken by the ASEAN Member States (AMSs) under priority areas, namely: fishing capacity and zoning system, securing sustainable small-scale fisheries, resource rehabilitation and enhancements, impacts of climate change on fisheries, combating IUU fishing, and traceability of fisheries and aquaculture products. During the Meeting, SEAFDEC reported the progress of its relevant activities, such as the outcomes of the Experts Consultation Workshop on Guidance to Monitoring and Evaluation Gender Equity and Social Well-being in Fisheries Communities held on 8-10 August 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand, and the progress of the Project on Establishment and Operation of a Regional System of Fisheries Refugia in the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. 

Subsequently, during the 28ASWGFi, SEAFDEC reported the results of the 22nd Meeting of the Fisheries Consultative Group of the ASEAN-SEAFDEC Strategic Partnership (22FCG/ASSP), including projects implemented under the FCG/ASSP mechanism in 2019, comprising 23 ongoing projects, of which 20 projects were completed in 2019, and three projects would be continued in 2020; 13 new projects which would commence in 2020; and five Pipeline Projects which are still being discussed with prospective donors. During the Meeting, the 28ASWGFi also took note of the progress on the development of the Resolution and Plan of Action on Sustainable Fisheries for Food Security for the ASEAN Region Towards 2030 (RES&POA-2030), and endorsed the document for submission to higher authorities under the ASEAN mechanism.