SEAFDEC participated in the ASEAN-FEN Webinar 2020 which was organized by the ASEAN Fisheries Education Network (ASEAN-FEN) on 10-11 October 2020. The Webinar served as platform for knowledge sharing on the novel and innovative findings related to fisheries and aquaculture, and featured 26 speakers from nine countries who presented the research findings including the impacts of COVID-19 to fisheries and aquaculture sector. On the first day of the ASEAN-FEN Webinar 2020, SEAFDEC Secretary-General, Ms. Malinee Smithrithee, delivered the keynote speech entitled SEAFDEC Initiatives and Contribution to Fisheries in ASEAN. She highlighted the important role of SEAFDEC in providing support to the ASEAN Member States (AMSs) to undertake various programs and activities for the protection of the region’s seas and inland aquatic resources for sustainable fisheries development. The SEAFDEC initiatives include exploration of marine resources and demonstration of innovative energy saving and post harvest technologies in research vessels of SEAFDEC, management of transboundary fish species, capacity building and trainings on fisheries and aquaculture. In addition, Ms. Malinee also mentioned the continued activities of SEAFDEC to support the AMSs by utilizing the on-line platforms in the conduct of meetings, workshops, trainings, and others during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the end, she commended the role of ASEAN-FEN and its partnership with academic and research institutions in knowledge and information sharing which is of vital importance to support in fisheries and aquaculture sector in the Southeast Asian region.