SEAFDEC improves access to its publications

During the Inter-Departmental Information Workshop organized by the SEAFDEC Secretariat on 4-7 February 2020 at the SEAFDEC Training Department in Samut Prakan, Thailand, the issues and concerns regarding the SEAFDEC Repository were addressed in order that the publications of SEAFDEC could be made easily accessible to the stakeholders. Attended by the information-related staff from SEAFDEC Secretariat and Departments, the Workshop was aimed at addressing the issues and challenges during the development of Department institutional repositories as well as harmonizing the monitoring of information templates. Moreover, the citation monitoring systems which would be undertaken when there is interest in the citations of scientific publications and when reporting of such citations is needed, was also introduced. Furthermore, the Workshop provided the platform for discussion on the recommendations raised during the 2019 Meeting of the SEAFDEC Information Staff Program (ISP) such as the use of social media to increase the visibility of SEAFDEC and the need to ensure data security.

Based on the discussions on the issues related to the Department Institutional Repository, the Workshop came up with the suggested solutions in order that the publications of SEAFDEC are readily accessible to the target users. On the use of social media, the social media calendar was introduced to serve as planning tool for creating suitable posts by the Departments, while for data security, the Departments should ensure that the SSl certificate is applied to their respective websites and institutional repositories.