SEAFDEC and FRA of Japan uphold cooperation, extend arrangement

The Secretary-General of SEAFDEC, Ms. Malinee Smithrithee, and the President of the Fisheries Research and Education Agency of Japan (FRA), Dr. Nakayama Ichiro, signed the agreement “Arrangement for Scientific and Educational Cooperation between Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency and Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center.” Coinciding with the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Aquaculture Department (AQD) of SEAFDEC, the Signing Ceremony was carried out in Iloilo, Philippines on 7 July 2023. The Signing Ceremony was witnessed by the SEAFDEC Deputy Secretary-General, Chief and Deputy Chief of AQD, officials and representatives from the SEAFDEC Secretariat, Training Department, and AQD as well as representatives from FRA.

Covering the period of five years from the signing date, the Arrangement marks the continued cooperation between SEAFDEC and FRA in fostering the exchange of scientific and educational knowledge, personnel, and various fields of mutual interest. Since the mid-2000s, SEAFDEC established Arrangements with the Japan Fisheries Research Agency (former FRA) and National Fisheries University (NFU) which were merged in 2016 into the present FRA.