RES&POA-2030: Regional Workshop on Development of the Key Indicators and Detailed Roadmap

23-24 March 2022, Online meeting.

Please find the document below.

File Document Name Updated
Information Papers
INF01 Information note for participants 14 March
INF02 List of Documents 14 March
INF03 List of Participants 22 March
Working papers
WP01 Provisional Prospectus 22 Feb
WP02 Provisional Agenda and Timetable 14 March
WP03 Draft key indicators to Monitor and Evaluate the Implementation of RES&POA-2030 14 March
WP04 Draft template and timeline of the Roadmap for Monitoring and Evaluation Implementation of RES&POA-2030 14 March
Reference paper
REF01 Resolution and Plan of Action on Sustainable Fisheries for Food Security for the ASEAN Region Towards 2030 14 March

Adopted report and annexes

Adopted report 5 April 2022
Annex 1 List of Participants 5 April 2022
Annex 2 Opening remarks 5 April 2022
Annex 3 Agenda 5 April 2022
Annex 4 Indicators, rating, and criteria for rating 5 April 2022
Annex 5 Template for the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the RES&POA-2030 5 April 2022
Annex 6 Timeline of the roadmap 5 April 2022
Annex 7 Closing Remarks 5 April 2022

Trial exercise template