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Enhanced cooperation among researchers from AQD and Japan boosted

In order to deepen the better understanding between Japanese researchers and AQD on the sustainable development of aquaculture in Southeast Asia, the 2018 SEAFDEC Aquaculture Technical Support Meeting was convened 11 September 2018 at the National Research Institute of Aquaculture (NRIA) of Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency (FRA) in Mie Prefecture, Japan. In attendance were representatives from FRA, Fisheries …

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Strengthening Bilateral Relation between Cambodia and Thailand for Sustainable Fisheries Resources

The SEAFDEC-Sweden Project organized the 2nd Sub-regional Meeting on Effective Fisheries Management between Cambodia and Thailand, which was held on 29-30 August 2018 in Koh Kong Province, Cambodia. The Meeting was attended by the representatives from relevant agencies in both countries including fisheries, environmental and coastal resources and habitats, as well as representatives from SEAFDEC/UNEP/GEF/Fisheries Refugia Project, IUCN/MFF, and SEAFDEC …

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Marine fishery resources and environmental survey in the Gulf of Thailand conducted using the M.V. SEAFDEC 2

With support from the Japanese Trust Fund and using its fishery research and training vessel, the M.V. SEAFDEC 2, SEAFDEC carried out a “Collaborative Research Survey on Marine Resources and Marine Environment in the Gulf of Thailand,” from 17 August to 7 November 2018. This survey is being undertaken by the SEAFDEC Training Department (TD), in collaboration with the Fisheries …

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SEAFDEC convenes the discussion on sub-regional cooperation for Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) in Fisheries in Northern Andaman Sea

To address the critical challenges for Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) in fisheries in Northern Andaman Sea, on 24-25 July 2018, the SEAFDEC-Sweden Project facilitated the discussion between Thailand and Myanmar on MCS sub-regional cooperation of Northern Andaman Sea in Bangkok, Thailand, aiming at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of fisheries-related MCS activities through enhanced cooperation, coordination, information collection and …

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SEAFDEC conduct a Practical Workshop Practical Workshop on Stock Assessments of Indo-Pacific King Mackerel and Narrow-barred Spanish Mackerel at SEAFDEC/TD

SEAFDEC Secretariat in collaboration with SEAFDEC/MFRDMD and SEAFDEC TD conducted the Practical Workshop on Stock Assessments of Indo-Pacific King Mackerel and Narrow-barred Spanish Mackerel in the Southeast Asian Waters from 16 to 20 July 2018 with funding support from the Government of Sweden. The Practical Workshop was attended by 5 representatives from Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Viet Nam as …

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