SEAFDEC Inter-Departmental Information Workshop

SEAFDEC Inter-Departmental Information Workshop, 24-26 April 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

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File Document Name Updated
Information Papers
INF01 Information Notes for Participants 19 Mar
INF02 Prospectus 19 Mar
INF03 List of Documents 17 Apr
INF04 List of Participants
Working Papers
WP01 Agenda 19 Mar
WP01a Annotated Agenda 20 Apr
WP01b Agenda and Timetable 20 Apr
WP02 Template for Monitoring of the Implementation of Information Strategies in 2018 20 Apr
WP03 Notes for Editing SEAFDEC Documents (1989)
Citation and References
20 Apr
WP04 Harmonization of SEAFDEC Websites 17 Apr
References Papers
REF01 Information Strategies for Enhancing SEAFDEC Visibility and Communication 19 Mar
REF02 Report of the 18th Information Staff Program Meeting 19 Mar
REF03 Report of On-the Job-Training on Website Improvement 19 Mar