Factsheet of the Stock and Risk Assessments of Kawakawa (Euthynnus affinis) and Longtail Tuna (Thunnus tonggol) Resources in Southeast Asia using ASPIC

SEAFDEC in collaboration with its Member Countries jointly promoted the common approach to sustainable management and utilization of neritic tuna resources in the Southeast Asian region. Through the implementation of the project “Fisheries Management Strategies for Pelagic Fish Resources in the Southeast Asian Region,” a series of practical workshops on stock and risk assessments of two neritic tuna species, namely: kawakawa (KAW) and longtail tuna (LOT) had been conducted since 2019 to determine the stock status of such important fishery resouces in Southeast Asia. The report of the assessments was approved during the 53rd Meeting of the SEAFDEC Council in 2021, and subsequently during the 29th Meeting of the ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Fisheries (ASWGFi) in 2021. The factsheet depicts the key results of the second regional study which was aimed at providing the updated stock status of KAW and LOT resources in the region using ASPIC.