The Forty-fifth Meeting of the SEAFDEC Program Committee

Iloilo, Philippines, 5–7 December 2022. Please find Meeting documents below (click to download.)

File Document Name Updated
  45PCM Report  
Information Papers
INF01 Information Note for Participants 31 Oct
INF02 List of Documents 25 Nov
INF03 List of Participants  
Working Papers
WP01-1 Provisional Agenda 25 Nov
WP01-2 Provisional Agenda and Timetable 29 Nov
WP01-3 Provisional Annotated Agenda 25 Nov
WP02 Projects under the Fisheries Consultative Group of the ASEAN- SEAFDEC Strategic Partnership (FCG/ASSP) Mechanism for the Year 2022-2023 27 Oct
Strategy I: Securing the sustainability of fisheries to contribute to food security, poverty alleviation and livelihood of people in the region
WP03-St1-1 Strengthening a Regional Cooperation and Enhancing National Capacities to Eliminate IUU Fishing in Southeast Asia 18 Nov
WP03-St1-2 Harmonization and Enhancing Utilization of Fishery Statistics and Information 28 Nov
WP03-St1-3 Responsible Fishing Technology and Practice 30 Nov
WP03-St1-4 Research for Enhancement of Sustainable Utilization and Management of Sharks and Rays in the Southeast Asian Region 27 Oct
WP03-St1-5 Sustainable Utilization of Fisheries Resources and Resources Enhancement in Southeast Asia 18 Nov
WP03-St1-6 Fisheries Management Strategies for Pelagic Fish Resources in the Southeast Asian Region 27 Oct
WP03-St1-7 Management Scheme for Inland Fisheries in the Southeast Asian Region 27 Oct
WP03-St1-8 Small-scale Fisheries Management for Better Livelihood and Fisheries Resources 18 Nov
WP03-St1-9 Establishment and Operation of a Regional System of Fisheries Refugia in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand 22 Nov
WP03-St1-10 Strengthening the Effective Management Scheme with GIS (Geographic Information System) & RS (Remote Sensing) Technology for Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture at AMS 27 Oct
WP03-St1-11 Sustainable Utilization of Anguillid Eels in the Southeast Asian Region 27 Oct
WP03-St1-12 Development of Stock Assessment Method for Strengthening of Resources Management Measures of Tropical Anguillid Eels in AMS 27 Oct
WP03-St1-13 Regional Collaborative Research and Capacity Building for Monitoring and Reduction of Marine Debris from Fisheries in Southeast Asia 27 Oct
WP03-St1-14 ASEAN-JICA Capacity Building Project on IUU Fishing Countermeasures in Southeast Asia 27 Oct
Strategy II: Supporting the sustainable growth of aquaculture to complement fisheries and contribute to food security, poverty alleviation and livelihood of people in the region
WP03-St2-1 Sustainable Aquaculture through Cost-Effective Culture Systems, and Prompt and Effective Aquatic Animal Health Management 27 Oct
Strategy III: Ensuring the food safety and quality of fish and fishery products for the Southeast Asian region
WP03-St3-1 Enhancing Food Safety and Competitiveness of Seafood Products 18 Nov
WP03-St3-2 ASEAN-JICA Food Value Chain Development Project 22 Nov
Strategy IV: Enhancing trade and compliance of the region’s fish and fishery products with market requirements
Strategy V: Addressing cross-cutting issues, such as labor, gender and climate change, where related to international fisheries
WP03-St5-1 Assistance for Capacity Building Development in the Region to Address International Fisheries-related Issues 27 Oct
Strategy VI: Empowering SEAFDEC to strengthen its roles in the region and to improve its services to Member Countries
WP03-St6-1 Fisheries Resource Survey & Operational Plan for M.V. SEAFDEC 2 18 Nov
New projects
WP03-St1-15 USAID/SEAFDEC/Sustainable Fish Asia-SEA Project 27 Oct
WP03-St1-16 Sustainable Management of Fisheries, Marine Living Resources and Their Habitats in the Bay of Bengal Region for the Benefit of Coastal States and Communities 27 Oct
WP03-St1-17 Promoting the Blue Economy and Strengthening Fisheries Governance of the Gulf of Thailand through the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (GoTFish Project) 27 Oct
WP03-St2-2 Blue Horizon: Ocean Relief through Seaweed Aquaculture 27 Oct
WP03-St2-3 Regional Technical Consultation on Aquatic Animal Health Emergencies in Southeast Asia 9 Nov
SEAFDEC Departmental Programs of Activity for the year 2022–2023
Aquaculture Department
WP03-D-AQD-1 Quality Seed for Sustainable Aquaculture 27 Oct
WP03-D-AQD-2 Healthy and Wholesome Aquaculture 27 Oct
WP03-D-AQD-3 Maintaining Environmental Integrity through Responsible Aquaculture 9 Nov
WP03-D-AQD-4 Meeting Socio-economic Challenges in Aquaculture 27 Oct
WP03-D-AQD-5 Collaborative projects with the Philippine Government 27 Oct
Training Department
WP03-D-TD-1 Promotion on Strengthening of SEAFDEC Visibility and Enhancing Human Capacity Building 18 Nov
WP03-D-TD-2 Improvement of Fisheries Technology and Reduction of the Impact from Fishing Activities 27 Oct
WP03-D-TD-3 USAID Sustainable Fish Asia Local Capacity Development Activity 27 Oct
Other Programs
WP03-OP-1 Implementing the Lower Mekong Fish Passage Initiative in Cambodia, Thailand, and Viet Nam 22 Nov
WP03-OP-2 Gender Dimension in the Value Chain of Small-scale Fisheries & Aquaculture in Southeast Asia 18 Nov
WP03-OP-3 Implementing the Strategic Action Programme for the South China Sea 21 Nov
WP03-OP-4 Survey to Estimate levels of Abandoned, Lost or otherwise Discarded Fishing Gear in Thailand Gillnet and Trap Fisheries 18 Nov
WP03-OP-5 Seminar-Workshop on Aquaculture Development in Southeast Asia (ADSEA) 9 Nov
WP03-OP-6 Collection of Research and Datasets from Data-poor Countries in Southeast Asia Related to SDG Indicator 14.4.1 and Formulation of a Thesaurus for Aquatic Genetic Resource 27 Oct
Pipeline Projects and Emerging Needs for Preparation of Future Project Proposals
WP04-1 Implementation and Assessment of The ASEAN Regional Plan of Action for The Management of Fishing Capacity 27 Oct
Cooperation with Donors, Non-member Government and International/ Regional Organizations
Other Matters
WP06-1 Monitoring and Evaluation of the Implementation of RES&POA-2030 1 Dec
WP06-2 Updating JTF Budget Request Process in Japan  
WP06-3 The Outline Japanese Trust Fund-7 28 Nov
WP06-4 Letter of Agreement to Support the Implementation of National Activities under SEAFDEC Projects 25 Nov
Reference Papers
REF01 Terms of Reference of the SEAFDEC Program Committee 27 Oct
REF02 Terms of Reference of the SEAFDEC National Coordinators 27 Oct
REF03 Report of the Forty-forth Meeting of the Program Committee of Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 15–17 November 2021 (Virtual Meeting) 27 Oct
REF04 Report of Twenty-forth Meeting of the Fisheries Consultative Group of the ASEAN-SEAFDEC Strategic Partnership (FCG/ASSP), 24–25 November 2021 (Virtual Meeting) 27 Oct
REF05 Report of the Fifty-forth Meeting of the Council of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 23 and 25 May 2022 (Virtual Meeting) 27 Oct
REF06 Resolution and Plan of Action on Sustainable Fisheries for Food Security for the ASEAN Region Towards 2030 27 Oct
REF07 Resolution on the Future of SEAFDEC: Vision, Mission, and Strategies Towards 2030 27 Oct
REF08 Guideline for Cost Sharing M.V. SEAFDEC 2 27 Oct