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The Twentieth Meeting of the Information Staff Program


15-17 October 2019, Philippines


Agenda 1. Opening of the Meeting
1.1 Welcome Remarks by Chief of AQD
1.2 Opening Remarks by the Secretary-General
Agenda 2. Background and Objectives of the Meeting
Agenda 3. Review of Progress and Achievements in the Implementation of the Information Strategies for Enhancing SEAFDEC Visibility and Communication in 2019
Agenda 4. Preparation and Enhancement of SEAFDEC Information Tools/Activities in 2020
4.1 SEAFDEC Regular Information Materials
4.2 SEAFDEC Annual Report
4.3 SEAFDEC Special Publication (Fish for the People)
4.4 SEAFDEC Calendar 2021
4.5 New Year Card 2020
4.6 SEAFDEC Websites (Secretariat and Departments)
4.7 SEAFDEC Repositories (Secretariat and Departments)
4.8 Others
Agenda 5. Other Initiatives in Enhancing SEAFDEC Activities and Visibility
5.1 Monitoring of SEAFDEC Gender Strategy
5.2 Moving Towards E-Publication
5.3 Enhancing the Use of Social media for SEAFDEC Visibility
5.4 Others
Agenda 6. Hosting Arrangements for the 21st ISP Meeting
Agenda 7. Conclusion and Recommendations
Agenda 8. Closing Remarks by the Deputy Secretary-General

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