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Working Group Meeting for Establishment of new SEAFDEC Department

ifrdmdSEAFDEC convened a Working Group Meeting on 24-25 January 2013 in Palembang, Indonesia to discuss issues relevant to the establishment of a new SEAFDEC Department on inland fisheries in Indonesia. The Working Group comprised the Secretary-General Dr. Chumnarn Pongsri and officials of the Secretariat, the Special Departmental Coordinators from respective SEAFDEC Departments, experts on inland fisheries (from Lao PDR, Thailand and MRC/Fisheries Programme), as well as the National Coordinator and relevant officers of Indonesia.

Discussed at the Meeting were the plans of operation, programs of work, and organization of existing SEAFDEC structure; the proposal on establishment of the Inland Fishery Resources Development and Management Department or IFRDMD (tentative title); and the future steps for the establishment of IFRDMD. The Meeting also discussed and agreed on the functions, vision, mission, as well as important areas that should be incorporated in the programs of work of the IFRDMD. The progress in the establishment of IFRDMD including its draft plan of operation would be reported to the forthcoming Meeting of the SEAFDEC Council for consideration and further directives.

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