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The Third Meeting of the Andaman Sea Sub-region Convened

3rd-andamanseaSEAFDEC organized the 3rd Meeting of the Andaman Sea Sub-region for purpose of improving management of fishing capacity, including the initiation of sub-regional MCS Networks together with development of port monitoring capacity and coordinated efforts to combat illegal (IUU) fishing in the Andaman Sea Sub-region. Held from 18 to 20 October 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand, the Meeting was attended by representatives from the Andaman Sea Sub-region countries, namely: Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

After the earlier two Andaman Sea Sub-region Meetings, there had been three bilateral meetings for the Northern Andaman (Myanmar and Thailand) and one tri-lateral meeting (Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand) for Southern Andaman. To continue with the discussions, the Andaman Sea Sub-region countries were asked to indicate their priorities for continued bilateral or trilateral dialogues thereby building upon a continuing process deemed essential by all involved parties at regional, national and local levels. In addition priority interventions and strategies addressing various fisheries related issues in the Sub-region were discussed including the integration of habitat management into fisheries management (based on the EAFM concept) putting more emphasis on efforts for better management of coastal environments and resources in the Andaman Sea. The Meeting recommended that joint approaches and agreements among the concerned countries should be developed to address problems/issues common to all four countries in the Andaman Sea, including options for a management plan for the whole Andaman Sea and related water bodies. In summary, the concerned countries in the Sub-region should work together to address the challenges, build on comparative reviews of laws and institutional responsibilities and management of transboundary fish stock issues through collaborative effort among the concerned countries in the Andaman Sea.