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SEAFDEC-Sweden Project convenes the Annual Review Meeting

seafdec-sweden-annual-review-2016The SEAFDEC-Sweden Project Annual Review Meeting for the year 2015 took place on 28 April 2016 at SEAFDEC/Secretariat, Bangkok. The Meeting was attended by Mr. Göran Haag of the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok, Mr. Peter Fundgård from the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwAM), and SEAFDEC officers led by SEAFDEC Secretary-General Dr. Kom Silapajarn and members of the Regional Fisheries Policy Network (RFPN) also attended the Meeting.

The purpose of this Review Meeting was to inform the progress of the project performed in 2015 and planed activities of the year 2016 to support the goal of the Project and uphold the regional cooperation and improvement of sustainable fisheries management schemes in the ASEAN region through the cooperation between SEAFDEC and the Government of Sweden, on “Fisheries and habitat management, climate change and social well-being in Southeast Asia”, which aims to promote the responsible utilization of marine resources, social well-being, and address the issues related to fisheries management in the region. The focus areas cover with the countries bordering the Andaman Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Sulu-Sulawesi Sea and the Mekong River basin. During the discussion, both parties noted with satisfaction the progress made in relations to the cooperation road map and efficiently collaborate with other organizations on the priory regional topics. The Project will continue to work with our international partners includes ASEAN, FAO, CTI-CFF, RPOA-IUU, MRC, IUCN/MFF, USAID, etc to ensure the sustainable of the fisheries resources in the Region. 

In addition, on 12 May 2016, SEAFDEC Secretary-General, Dr. Kom Silapajarn and SEAFDEC staff welcomed Mr. Göran Haag and Ms. Louise Herrmann from Swedish International Development Agency (Sida)/Stockholm during a visit at SEAFDEC/Secretariat. SG took the opportunity to introduce SEAFDEC’s organization and its mission and programs as well as update information on current SEAFDEC-Sweden collaborative program which supported fund by the government of Sweden in implementation activities for the regional cooperation.