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SEAFDEC holds the Sixteenth Meeting of its Information Staff Program

16ispgroupThe Sixteenth Meeting of the Information Staff Program (ISP) of SEAFDEC was organized in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 26 to 28 October 2015, and hosted by SEAFDEC/MFRDMD. Attended by SEAFDEC Departments’ information officers and staff as well as senior officers from the Departments, the Meeting reviewed the implementation of the SEAFDEC Information Strategy which is generally aimed at enhancing the visibility of SEAFDEC and strengthening the communication link among SEAFDEC Departments. This year’s ISP Meeting included special agenda on the preparation of the Southeast Asian State of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SEASOFIA) 2017, and information-related activities to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of SEAFDEC in 2017.

16isp2During the Meeting, the recommendations raised included the need to improve the implementation and monitoring of the progress of SEAFDEC Information Strategy in the future. On SEASOFIA 2017 which was been highlighted as source of useful information and serving as tool to promote the outputs of SEAFDEC programs and projects, the Departments agreed to provide the necessary inputs. While entering the threshold of its 50th Anniversary of, SEAFDEC continues to reap the fruit of its hard work obtaining greatness in terms of the quality of its achievements and is committed to sustain such efforts on the sustainability of the region’s fisheries. SEAFDEC would therefore produce “a coffee-table book” to portray its 50-year journey which should go on beyond its 2017 Golden Jubilee.

At the closing of the 16th Meeting of the ISP, SEAFDEC/IFRDMD extended its appreciation to SEAFDEC/MFRDMD for the excellent hosting of this year’s Meeting in Malaysia, and offered to host the 17th Meeting of the ISP in 2016 in Indonesia.