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SEAFDEC conducts baseline survey on catadromous eels in Cambodia

SEAFDEC conducted the second baseline survey under the JAIF Project entitled “Enhancing Utilization and Management Scheme of Tropical Anguillid Eel Resources in Southeast Asia,” on 28 August -1 September 2017 in Cambodia. The survey team members comprised SEAFDEC Deputy Secretary-General Dr. Kaoru Ishii and three researchers from SEAFDEC Departments, namely: Ms. Sumitra Ruangsivakul, Ms. Ni Komang Suryati, and Mr. Yanu Prasetyo Pamungkas. Two officers of the Fisheries Administration of Cambodia also joined the survey, i.e.: Mr. Buoy Roitana, Deputy Director of the Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute, and Dr. Chea Tharith from the Marine Fisheries Research and Development Institute (MaFReDI).

Destinations of this baseline survey were Sihanoukville and Kampong Cham Province, where eel fisheries and aquaculture are operated. From this survey, the team could grasp better understanding on the situation of eel fisheries and aquaculture in Cambodia. Although there have been previous surveys in relation to anguillid eel species, but it was found that comprehensive information and data on anguillid eel species were inaccurate and slow to develop. The SEAFDEC eel project team would therefore conduct further surveys and provide technical support to Southeast Asian countries that have eel fisheries and aquaculture in place, so that these countries could have better information on the situation in order to strengthen management scheme either for the respective countries, or for the Southeast Asian region as a whole.