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SEAFDEC attends two global MCS events

SEAFDEC Secretary-General, Dr. Kom Silapajarn, together with SEAFDEC staff and SEAFDEC-Sweden Project Team, attended the Seafood and Fisheries Emerging Technologies (SAFET) Conference was organized by WWF and its partners held in Bangkok, Thailand on 14-16 February 2019. The aim of the Conference was to foster the latest global technologies and its application in seafood supply chain traceability system and monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) tools to combat IUU fishing. At this Conference, SEAFDEC exhibited relevant publications on the regional initiatives to combat IUU fishing which include the Regional Fishing Vessels Record and electronic ASEAN Catch Documentation Scheme.

Furthermore, SEAFDEC also attended the 6th Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop (GFETW), which was jointly organized by the Department of Fisheries of Thailand and International Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (IMCS) on 18-22 February 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. More than 200 participants gathered and exchanged knowledge at the Workshop who were representatives from diverse MCS practitioners such as scientists, fisheries inspectors, enforcement officers, compliance officers of RFMOs, NGOs, from various countries around the world. The theme of the 6th GFETW was “Closing the Net: Global cooperation between flag, coastal, port and market States for effective enforcement of international and domestic law.” At the Training Workshop, SEAFDEC Policy and Program Coordinator, Dr. Worawit Wanchana, presented the SEAFDEC initiative on the Establishment of Sub-regional Cooperation on Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Networks in the Southeast Asian Region, which is being funded by the SEAFDEC-Sweden Project.