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Work plan for enhancing blue swimming crab stocks in Cambodia prepared

Meeting with the Kep Provincial Fisheries Cantonment at Department of Agriculture of Kep

Under the project on Promotion of Sustainable Fisheries Resources Enhancement Measures in Critical Habitats/Fishing Grounds in Southeast Asia, SEAFDEC/TD with support from the Japanese Trust Fund started off an activity on enhancement of blue swimming crab stocks in Cambodia. Angkaul Community Fisheries (CFi) of Kep Province, smallest province of Cambodia was selected as the pilot site.

On 20-25 March 2017, SEAFDEC team comprising TD and Secretariat staff together with staff from the Fisheries Administration of Cambodia and Kep Provincial Fisheries Cantonment conducted a baseline survey by interviewing fishers in Angkaul Village to gather information on community situation and the main issues in the target area. Results of the survey indicated that most fishers engaged in crab fishing use two kinds of fishing gear, namely: crab gill net and long trap. The target area already has conservation areas for sea grass while crab bank activities are ongoing, which the fishers are aware of and are willing to participate in the activities. Based on such information and the issues faced by fishers in the area, the project work plan and activities were developed using the Project Design Matrix Method (PDM). It is expected that the activities, comprising: 1) strengthening of fisheries management knowledge; 2) facilitating countermeasures for increasing blue swimming crab resources; and 3) management of fisheries conservation zone, would be implemented for 3 years from 2017 to 2019.