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Promotion of co-management/CBFM in Nam Souang Reservoir, Lao PDR

The SEAFDEC Training Department (TD) with support from the Japanese Trust Fund (JTF) under the project “Facilitating Fisheries Information Gathering through Introduction of Community-based Fisheries Management” is promoting the effective implementation of co-management/CBFM at the project pilot site in Nam Souang Reservoir, Vientiane, Lao PDR during 2017-2019. To prepare for the activity, a series of discussions were conducted from 27 February to 3 March 2017 among the Fisheries Management Committee (FMC) and local fishers and officers during the baseline survey in Phone Hong District and Naxythong District which are the pilot activity sites located in the north and south of Nam Souang Reservoir. To follow-up on this activity, TD conducted again a meeting with representatives from FMC, Department of Livestock and Fisheries (DLF) as well as officers and fishers from the two districts on 22-26 May 2017 to develop a work plan for fisheries management in Nam Souang Reservoir.

During the 5-day meeting, the Project Design Matrix (PDM) framework and the work plan covering the period 2017-2019 were developed. However, considering that FMC was established only in Naxythong District but not in Phon Hong District, the first step undertaken was to consider establishing FMC also for Phon Hong District, which shall be responsible for establishing the necessary rules and regulations for the conservation area in consistent with those of Naxythong District to ensure effective fisheries management of the Reservoir. Subsequently, it is expected that extension media, such as posters, booklets, signboards, etc., would be produced and disseminated to enhance awareness of local people, as well as that of the FMC, fishers and local officers in the two Districts. Furthermore, the FMC would also conduct patrolling and monitoring of illegal fishing activities in Nam Souang Reservoir. Likewise, demarcation and installation of buoys and fish shelters would be planned and set-up for the conservation area, while a mobile hatchery system would also be established to promote fish restocking in the area.

SEAFDEC and DLF of Lao PDR discussed the situation of the project site in Nam Souang Reservoir

Meeting with fishers and officers at Ban Na Thep Village in Phone Hong District

Meeting with Head of FMC and fishers at Ban Phosri village, Naxythong District

Last day of the meeting focused on developing the work plan for 2017-2019