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SEAFDEC-Sweden Project Events in 2019

List of Priorities events to be conducted in 2019 Period
5th Meeting of Scientific Working Group (SWG-Neritic Tunas) January 2019
Workshop to Finalize Toolkit for Addressing Gender in Fisheries and Aquaculture 27-31 May 2019
Meeting on Gender Strategy and Actions for SEAFDEC Departments 27-31 May 2019
Gulf of Thailand Sub-regional MCS Meeting 20-21 July 2019
Sub-regional Consultation to Develop Action/Management Plan of Indo-Pacific Mackerel July 2019
Southern Andaman Sea sub-regional MCS Meeting 2-3 July 2019
National Forum on Sharing Lessons Learned and Knowledge on Habitat and Fisheries Management (Implemented by SDF) in Thailand End of July 2019
Forum to Share Achievement and Lesson Learned (Closing the Project) September 2019