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In house training on Gender Sensitivity for SEAFDEC staff

Gender is a socio-culturally constructed definition of women and men. Unlike sex, which is the biological characteristics of women and men, gender is determined by the concept of tasks, functions, and roles attributed to women and men in the society, in public and personal life. SEAFDEC recognizes that gender issue is an important approach to make the staff achieve happiness and satisfaction at work. The first step to mainstream gender awareness into an organization is to ensure that all staff must understand the gender concept. Therefore, the In-house Training on Gender Sensitivity was conducted for SEAFDEC staff from Training Department and Secretariat on 4 -5 April and 1 May 2017. The objectives of the training were to provide knowledge on gender sensitivity and make the participants understand the need to integrate gender sensitivity into the organization. Awareness on gender equality is crucial in the organization because it creates equal satisfaction for both women and men in availing of socially-valued goods, opportunities, resources, and rewards. SEADFEC is a gender responsive organization that integrates gender issues within the organization as well as in its programs and projects.