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First Bilateral Technical Meeting between Thailand and Viet Nam

The SEAFDEC-Sweden Project convened the First Bilateral Technical Meeting on “Effective Fisheries Management between Thailand and Viet Nam” on 12-13 June 2018 in Da Nang, Viet Nam. The Meeting brought together the representatives from the Department of Fisheries of Thailand and Viet Nam as well as officials of SEAFDEC. During the Meeting, representatives from each country shared their experiences on national and sub-regional activities which are implemented in relation to the management of transboundary species (i.e. mackerels, anchovies, neritic tunas), with reference to international and regional agreements. In addition, the participants discussed the updates on national actions and efforts in combating IUU fishing (such as licensing system, landing catch by foreign fishing vessels, legal framework, and management actions for fisheries). In the latter one, country representatives discussed and agreed on joint cooperation on fisheries management between Thailand and Viet Nam. In this regard, the SEAFDEC-Sweden Project also presented the initiative on Establishment of Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) as well as joint cooperation mechanism for the Gulf of Thailand sub-region.