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Fish for the People Vol.15 No.1

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  • Transforming Fisheries Development of Southeast Asia: SEAFDEC in Accord with the UN Sustainable Development Goals by Kom Silapajarn, Virgilia T. Sulit and Nualanong Tongdee
  • Improving Fisheries Management in Southeast Asia in Support of the Sustainable Development Goals by Magnus Torell
  • The South China Sea Fisheries Refugia Initiative and the Sustainable Development Goals by Christopher J. Paterson and Weerasak Yingyuad
  • Highlighting SDG 14 in the Development and Management of Southeast Asian Marine Capture Fisheries by Suppachai Ananpongsuk, Kongpathai Saraphaivanich, Suthipong Thanasarnsakorn and Jariya Sornkliang
  • Monitoring and Identification of Harmful Algal Blooms in Southeast Asia to Support SDG 14.1 by Yeap Soon Eong and Virgilia T. Sulit
  • Development of a Sustainable Mangrove Crab Industry through Science-Based Research by Emilia T. Quinitio and Fe D. Parado-Estepa