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Fish for the People Vol.16 No.3

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  • Reviving the Aquaculture of Black Tiger Shrimp in Southeast Asia: Perspectives and Future Direction
  • Capacities for Managing the Development of ASEAN Aquaculture
  • Addressing Gaps in the Culture of Pathogenfree Polychaete as Feed in Shrimp Hatcheries
  • Establishing Adaptive Strategies towards a Climate-resilient Seaweed Farming: A Case in Panobolon Island, Guimaras, Philippines
  • The Making of a Center of Excellence in Science and Technology on Inland Fisheries Management: The SEAFDEC/IFRDMD
  • Invasive Apple Snails: Integrated Management in Lowland Ricefields of Cambodia and Probing their Utilization in Aquaculture
  • Managing the Spread of Invasive Apple Snails and Possible Utilization in Aquaculture: A Case in Myanmar
  • Tale of Two Successful Fisheries Management Schemes Adopted in Japan
  • Promoting Responsible Aquaculture for the Sustainable Production of Soft-shell Crabs
  • Scaling an EAFM at the Sub-Regional Level: Catalyzing Regional and National Actions in the Sulu-Sulawesi Seascape